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Magical Moments…

What an amazing weekend I had introducing the Chinda-Ton Annual Tea Party. The woman arrived promptly at noon enjoying the sweet sounds of music by Robert Tribbit and songstress Piaget Long. Each table had it's own unique theme that embodied the Chinda-ton Tea Party theme vibing off the Netflix TV series BRIDGERTON. A delicious light lunch catered by Chef Sharla Webb with an array of delicious desserts. Wonderful gourmet teas flown in from Hawaii and decadent cupcakes baked by Chizzy's Treat ( my daughter). Our afternoon memories were captured by Dignified Digital that will allow us to forever reminisce each moment. Chinda-Ton Tea concluded with a table decorations contest. Congratulations Phyliss Harris & Burnetta BURTIN and EAJ Events.

As I watched the women interact amongst themselves I began thanking GOD for his Grace & Mercy. I remember in 2016 when I birth the Kept Woman of GOD conference and the nervousness I felt. Now eight years later birthing something new still centered on sisterhood, empowering and inspiring fellow women. I'm graciously thankful for the support of my sisters by birth and sisters by choice.

Ladies, this is your season to make some magical memories with some fellow sisters. Get connected so we can grow, support and GO together! GOD thank you for trusting me with your daughters.

Forever Faithful


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