What was in the box?

I heard you all received an amazing surprise Royal birthday box that was filled with some of Chinda's favorites. Let me guess, did you happen to receive a beautiful crown? You know the crown is a reminder of the royal family that you are a part of. Yes girlfriend, wear that crown with confidence and pride and tell the world your father is the KING! Did you enjoy meeting all of my special guest and the music. We dance, dance and dance. Yeah, it was virtual but we had a blast and I appreciate all the love and support. I've been receiving text messages all weekend asking will the box restock.

Sadly to say, Chinda's Royal birthday box has sold out and will not return until October 2021. Now, be on the look out for what is being prepared for in February 2021. So, you are curious to know what exactly was in the box? Go to Chinda and Friends LLC on Facebook and check out the pictures **giggles**



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