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Who's Ready For The Fall??

Can you believe Fall is right around the corner.....Wow! As I look at the changes that are taking place right

before my eyes my response remains the same, But God. The trees have changed colors, the climate is much cooler in the Midwest. The rain, wind and fire have been

causing great havoc around the globe.

I don't know about you, but these season changes are all evidence of our GOD. Although we don't always enjoy the changes or disruptions they are necessary in the process. Back in 2007, I experienced a dark season that led me to believe it was over.....But God, I'm still standing thirteen years later.

What changes have you noticed that are evident of the new season you are in? There are four season we must be in tuned with. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. In 2007 I was broken in all four seasons not recognizing the needed change. All I knew was the pain and uncomfortableness I was experiencing. I didn't want to hear your favorite scripture or the words I'm sorry. The point I'm making is, I too have been in a season of change and a major disruption. And I'm sure there will be more to come.

I'm not sure what you are experiencing today but understand you are not alone. Yes, I know you have that friend for over 10 years and you want to include her/him in this new season. Let me break the news, God's vision for your life in this season doesn't include them. That job you hate, it is time to make a change. That ministry, book, business that you said God gave you.That season requires movement. Ok, here is & marriage. Ladies, stop pointing fingers saying it's them. I'm just saying, you must deal with the truth of who you are and why you keep attracting what you say you don't want. This season falls under the category of emotionally ( Self evaluation).

Embrace this new season and keep moving forward.

Please drop a note and let me know what season you are working on, I love to hear from you.

Love YA!


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