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Here we stand thirty eight years later....In disbelief of what we have accomplished this year together. In April we hosted our annual Kept Woman of GOD conference ( in person). After wrapping up a successful event, Ms. Quincy my friend & virtual assistant sighed with relief " this is hard work" how long do we rest before our next event? "Rest" Rochinda laughs, we have six months before the Chinda- ton Tea Party. October 8th, we hosted our Inaugural Chinda-ton Tea Party and what a wonderful time had by all. Ladies, as you finish up the year ask yourself what are some accomplishments that you are in disbelief of. Now ask yourself these questions; 1) Who did you consult or confide with before executing your plan?

2) Do you believe in your Mission and purpose? For me before starting anything I always pray first and ask GOD for guidance and provision. I definitely believe in myself, mission and purpose. A mentor of mine Marshawn Evans Daniels has a saying, what you doubt you delay and what you believe you build. What will you build in 2023❤️ I challenge you to Believe Bigger! Let's GO together higher. Join us for year 8th at Kept Woman of GOD, early bird 🦅 registration is available until 11/22

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Always remember: You are a masterpiece in progress – rejoice in every stroke of brilliance that adds to the masterpiece that you are.🎨 Have a great weekend! Kept Woman of God #masterpiece #joy #joyfu

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