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Where is Chinda🤔

I really don’t know where to start🙈…..but what I want you to know that living intentional is necessary. Stop wasting time and start now. Write the book, start your business, travel more, go on a date, join that salsa class, go back to school. Whatever it is, do it! Have you ever been so busy building and creating life that you forgot how to live? Years ago my life changed at a blink of the eye. No time to prepare for what would happen, no warning sign or loud 🚨 alerts that would display “Danger”. DISRUPTION hit hard in 2007, then again 2008, 2014 and again 2020. It is now 2022 and I’m still here. You may be wondering what does this have to do with the topic “ Where is Chinda”? It has much to do with the topic. She is enjoying living and being intentional with the life GOD has given. The Disruptions in my life has given me a better perspective on LIFE. We spend more time making plans to do instead of doing. Life is precious. Blessings and Abundance ~Chinda~

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Always remember: You are a masterpiece in progress – rejoice in every stroke of brilliance that adds to the masterpiece that you are.🎨 Have a great weekend! Kept Woman of God #masterpiece #joy #joyfu

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