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Yes, you can pick up the pieces and walk in your "TRUTH". A collaboration of true stories that speak truth about brokenness, betrayal, pain and loss.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit; forgiveness, self love and purpose can be achieved. In each chapter of Picking Up The Pieces, authors share their "TRUTH" about the only navigation system that guided them on their road to recovery.

Each chapter is evidence of the on time GOD we serve regardless of what our circumstances are.


Marsha Aka-Bashorun

Carlotta Berry

Janice E. Butler

Dr. Jimmie Bullard

Andrea Chism

Darrell Chism

Michelle Gines

Andrea Larbi

Tina Marie Berry-Pescatori

Darrell Robinson Jr.

Shikara Rodriquez

Dr. Teresa Wesley

Deborah Jean Jackson-Williams

Picking Up The Pieces

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