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Actively owning your today to create a more healthy tomorrow. 

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New Project (24).png

My Why...

2020 was the year when my life suddenly paused. My mom and I contracted Covid-19 and our diagnosis proved detrimental; she succumbed to the virus and I survived.

After her passing I took the time to pray and center myself during the pause. I reconnected to what was really important and made the decision to become intentional about my health.


My body and quality of life became something I could no longer put at the bottom of my daily list. After losing my mom, I couldn't help but wonder how my recovery could have been if I were more healthy.


So, I vowed to make my health a top priority from now on in honor of my mom and that's when things began to change.

After Covid-19 my hair fell out and my skin was very itchy and dry. I was introduced to an amazing company, Modere, that changed my life. 


I began taking liquid collagen and in no time my hair grew in thicker and my skin got it's balance and hydration back.


After seeing such great results I decided to try the magic trimming pudding. Let’s just say this…. I’m 26 pounds lighter!


My approach to my health is to start inside and work my way out. These products changed my life for the better and my journey will never end. I want to share with you my favorites! 
**Please CLICK THE PHOTO(S) for product link with info & pricing.**

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Their Why...

RESULTS! Aging gracefully means we take the steps necessary to take control of how we age. They saw my results and decided to invest in themselves. Their investment continues to pay off.

Your Why?

To wake each day is a gift and not a guarantee.


To put both feet on the floor in the morning with a level of health that makes it possible for me to live my life in service isn't promised either.


All I can do is my part and I would love to have you as a part of this journey.

To shop my store, click here or schedule a time to speak and have a system curated just for you click here.

Here's to Aging Gracefully!


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