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Enter as a guest and stay because you're family.

There I was. Sitting trying to figure out what was next for my community of sisters.


My annual conference had to be cancelled because COVID 19 brought everything to a screeching halt.

Now more than ever the sisterhood needs a space to connect and be fed spiritually. What's next?, I thought. Chinda and Friends TV was God's answer! 

Chinda and Friends is a virtual community where women from all walks of life come together and connect. The relationships formed are so close women stay because the community has become a supportive and nurturing family.

The common thread we all share is our heavenly Father and our life of service to Jesus Christ. Be prepared to experience presenters from all over the globe who are thought leaders in their areas of gifting.

Content presented will edify, elevate, and empower you to MOVE instead of praying while sitting still. The Chinda and Friends community is action based and filled with accountability and loving support.



This transparent and trusted safe space has a seat for you at one of the most diverse tables around! It's up to you to maximize your seat by making the pledge to God to BE all He has created you to be. Welcome to the table!

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Chinda and Friend TV was created to bridge the gap between women that circumstances created.


With this in mind, content is thoughtfully curated so that viewers are left with valuable tools, direction, and a few sisters to keep the discussion going.

The foundation of this community is based on providing an atmosphere that makes facing life's challenges hopeful. This electric atmosphere creates the perfect environment to begin removing emotional and spiritual shackles.




Beyond what women share in this amazing community, Chinda continues her walk in freedom out loud for all to share.

None of us are where we ought to be. None of us will ever be free from or able to avoid challenges. Still, we must continue to move purposefully in faith no matter what life may throw our way.

While on the move, it helps to bring your sisters along on your journey while sharing in theirs like Chinda did on the cover of "Today's Purpose Woman" in a recent issue.



God's grace is unwavering. His grace ensures we are covered in a world that will make us feel as though we're uncovered at times.

There are many places we all can go. And there a countless places we do go to find our center. This community can be that space if you do not have one or another invaluable resource to add to your list if you do.

If you want to experience an atmosphere, community, and sisterhood as unique as you are, subscribe below to be invited to members only exclusive virtual events! See you soon!


Join Chinda and Friends TV exclusive community! To receive invitations to exclusive monthly virtual events and much more register below!

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Hope to see you soon!

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