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Entrepreneur, best selling author,

life shift coach, and motivational speaker

Chinda has a heart for all people and is committed to love, serve, & support her community. As a native of Kansas City, her pride and joy is her family & friends.  She also loves to travel and spend time with her husband. One of her proudest accomplishments is becoming a grandma to Master Jaden. 

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and shift the atmosphere of your life!



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Writing with Chinda is an experience like no other!


If you're considering becoming a published author and would love the support of a collaborative community, press play to learn more!

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Keeping Up With Chinda is Rochinda's monthly blog post to keep you inspired, motivated, and moving forward in the right direction.

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Take action and begin your journey with Chinda below.

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Taralyn Michelle

CEO, Entrepreneur

My participation in the anthology "The Life I Love" set the standard for what I expect if I decide to participate in collaborative projects in the future. From the beginning of the project the process was made clear so I knew what to expect from beginning to end.

Although each author worked on their own story, Rochinda created a community of support, inspiration, and accountability amongst authors. Additional resources were made available, if needed, and every member of Rochinda's team served with the highest level of professionalism and excellence.

I was a professional writer and a published author before this project so having the freedom to tell my story authentically was a blessing. And, becoming a National Best Selling author was icing on an already sweet cake! Writing with Chinda was well worth the investment personally and professionally! Thank you Goddess Chinda for everything!


It was a pleasure working with Rochinda on the Seeds of Hope collaboration. She was supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process.


She read my article ahead of time, gave me feedback, answered any questions I had, no matter how trivial they seemed and her pleasant demeanor was exactly what I needed as she walked alongside me in every step of this journey. She gave me the confidence I needed to work on my own book.


I am honored to have had this opportunity to work with her.

Brandi Copeland

Branch Chief

US Department of Hud


Clarissa Knighten

Jewelry Designer

Rissa's Artistic Designs

I never thought becoming a National Best-selling author would have been this easy. Rochinda's process was seamlessly encouraging from the moment I received the first correspondence.


Rochinda left no question unanswered. As a visionary, Rochinda knew the right people to collaborate with. If you have an idea that needs to be documented, schedule time with Rochinda and allow her spirit to pour into your spirit.


I enjoyed working with Rochinda! She had the whole writing process laid out for us.


Communication was very clear. She is always available for questions. Rochinda is very encouraging and energetic. This was a great collaboration experience.


Roscheeta Brundige

Mary Kay Consultant


Quincy Bennett


Confidential Concierge

I was given Coaching with Ms. Pickens as a gift. I went into our first session thinking that I already had a therapist, so was not sure what I would gain from working with her, but it was a gift.


The first session was cordial - we got to know each other a little, but since I did not see any issues I needed to address, I was already certain I did not need to do any follow-up sessions. To my surprise, a casual conversation about my tendency to carry bags  - my lunch, purse, laptop bag, a bag of papers I planned to get around to, etc. - lead us to a deeper conversation about why something I saw as an innocent habit was in fact something I needed to address.


By the end of my sessions I discovered why I carry so many bags, and we worked on a plan to curb that habit. From the beginning you know she cares, and you learn quickly that she's going to ask tough questions, and help the client identify specific next steps for their challenge.


Rochinda is a wonderful coach! She's been a real jewel in helping me achieve my ME goals! I can't thank her enough.

Michelle Gines


Purpose Publishing

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